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No Data in Downtown Los Angeles

For the last 6 months or so, I have been experiencing 0 data in Downtown Los Angeles.  Specifically on 9th and Grand.  I have reported it three times and have not heard of any solution yet.  I did my own researching here in our building and I found out that 8 other people at my work are experiencing low to zero data in our bldg.  My supervisor and Director both reported the same issue, and we have not heard of anything yet.  I have been paying the same amount when I can't even receive any imessages, send any imessages, emails, or even log in into anything from my phone.  They should at least cut me some slack on the bill!  I work 9-7:30 weekly, and no data from 9-7:30! Has anyone else experience this in the downtown los angeles area? SOLUTION PLEASE!!!!

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