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I posted on here several days ago in regards to a pre-order that I placed for the iPhone 6s, in case you were wondering, I still haven't received them. So I called in today, they told me that they are going to have to cancel the order. Keep in mind, that I was part of the early birds that were supposed to get these phones on the 25th. Well it was AWFULLY kind of them to waive the overnight priority shipping for a phone that I had to go up in size in order to get by tomorrow, which by the way they will also reap the benefits of that because they will get more from me on a monthly basis. Then onto the second phone that I pre-ordered, that is now backordered til 10/19. Yes, you read it correctly, 10/19, almost a full month after when I should've received the device. When asked what they can do for me, "we can waive the shipping". You can waive the shipping charge for a device that I won't get for another month, how nice of you. That is HORRIBLE. They can't even offer a gift card for the amount of time that I have spent on the phone with them. Lets keep in mind that I have called them everyday for about a week, for about 30 mins each call, and until today kept getting the run around. Cause finally they tell me that my only option is to cancel the order.

Oh one thing I forgot to mention, they even ADMITTED that this was stuck in their system not because of anything I did.

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