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New phone=New Number?


Sorry for the dumb question but I have always hated these things and therefore have had the same phone for 5 years...

If I upgrade my phone using the new every two process does it automatically change my number? I actually WANT the number changed so if this isn't the case, how do I go about getting a new number when I upgrade? Gracias

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Re: New phone=New Number?

Hello and welcome to the forum!   Upgrading does not automatically change your phone number.   However, you can request a change of numbers directly by simply calling Verizon.   They will ask you why.    If you are experiencing harrassing phone calls or trouble from that line then there will most likely be no charge.   However, if you just want to change it I believe they can charge you a fee for the change.   I hope you are savvy enough to decifpher what I have said.   Good luck and glad to have you aboard!