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Need help in ending my contract fast

Hi, I'm a Canadian citizen who used to live in America. I have a plan through verizon in America.

Before I left I talked to verizon and came up with the idea that when i got to canada I would use the plan with the traveling data/roaming package to help me get established and then call in and end the contract, paying out the rest of my contract which was only around 170$. This isn't exactly going according to plan for a few reasons...

First of all, I can't make or receive any phone calls! Second of all I can't send or recieve any texts! The whole idea of using my phone to help get situated is pretty much out the window and I'm paying for a really expensive brick at this moment, not to mention the roaming package I had added on. My wahtsapp still works and that is about the only functionality I fget from my phone right now.

Anyway I'm done. I need to just kill this contract ASAP and start over with a new carrier here. What I'd like to do now is call verizon and simply end my contract so I can get a new plan over here asap. BUT I CAN'T MAKE OUTGOING CALLS ON MY PHONE TO DO THIS. And can't find anything online that is letting me cancel my contract online. Feeling really screwed here.

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Re: Need help in ending my contract fast

Call customer service, it's the only way to cancel your account. Then sell your phone to pay the termination fee off

Re: Need help in ending my contract fast
Líder Sénior

If the number works in Canada 800-922-0204

If it doesnt, call Gobal Support 1-908-559-4899.  They can transfer you to CS