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Have been a loyal verizon customer for severial years, last year when the note 9 came out I preorderd it with the help of an online rep who told me I could pay the one phone full price and  would still get the other phone I added a new line of service and orderd the phone. The next day I called because when looking at the reciept it didnt show a credit, bare in mind the was a pre release the phone was not even out yet. The rep told me yes you did recieve the credit, I said okay and hung up. two weeks later when I recieved the phones called back again to verfy the credit  was told the same any point duing this 2 weeks had id been given the correct information  could of canceled the orderd and made sure it was correct....also this was my first time ever purchasing new phones!. First credit...called back was told again I did get the BOGO and it takes a couple cycles to take bill no credit same ordeal called back was told "I gaurentee your next bill will show the credit" bill comes no credit after multiple phone calls and online chats they still told me I did recieve the credit and they will get it bill no credit....Called back spoke to a manager who told me I did not qualify for the credit and there was nothing she could do....I just about gave up when I decided to call and get transcripts of all the conversations showing how I was told multiple times I did get the BOGO, but the operator who was extreamly polite and helpful said I was not allowed to have them but she seen where I was told multiple time by verizon I did qualify for it. So she she filled out some form which was rather long and told my it would fix everything and I had nothing to worry bill no credit.... called back was told the form was rejected by verizon.  The operator than said I see everthing you have been going through and that you were told multuple time the credit was or will be or is applyed than gave the phone to the manager who confirmed everything she did and said all they could do was a 200.00 credit because I was not in the wrong. While that was helpful im still stuck paying 800.00 for what should of been a free phone and not sure whatelse to do from this point. 

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Quit using reps and just order online. The terms are clearly there. BOGOs mean having device payments. I think you knew that and just kept asking if you could pay it off and get credit until you heard what you wanted to hear.

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