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NFL Mobile app does use data....alot!


One of the main reasons I decided to switch from AT&T to Verizon was in fact the NFL mobile app that was supposed to allow me to stream NFL games without using any data. But the first time I decided to try out the app I ended up using 1 GB of data! And that was for only 2 quarters of the  game, imagine if I watched the entire game! I only have a 2 GB plan. Needless to say, I won't be streaming any more NFL games! Apparently the game is free  but the commercials are not. This is sort of misleading because anyone that watches football knows that the game is only 60 minutes during a 3 hour game. I am so disappointed!

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Re: NFL Mobile app does use data....alot!


Where are you measuring this usage? Your device will not provide accurate metering. Your device does not account for zero-rated data. You must check with Verizon for actual data usage.

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