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My wireless service is very poor in Tampa Florida


I live in Tampa and my wireless service at my home is very poor.  I went to verizon because I beleived they had the best coverage, About a month ago I moved my office to my home and my business depends on good cell service.  I did not mind if verizon was the most expensive as long as they where the best.  To my surpirze the service is the same as T-moble, Sprint or Att (had all three).  I  was told I am inbetween towers and the only way to fix my problem was to purchase a repeter for $267  when I stated that was too much they were willing to knock off $75.  I just feel that I should not have to pay extra money to make there service work.  Not when I can go back to T-moble and save $70 bucks a month and buy their repeter that will make their service work and pay allot less for it and also save money every month.  Verizon might have the largest coverage in the USA but in the city of Tampa they are all the same.  None of them work good at my home.  Just could kick my butt for thinking if I paid more I could get better quailty service at my home. The jokes on me. Now I need to figure out my cost to cancle and how long it will take to recover the difference on the monthly savings with another provider. In my opioion Word to the wise  big city they are all the same except the price.  You can pay more but get nothing for it.  Just throwing good money away.  Now I got some spreadsheets to do and figure out who I am going with.  Disappointed and Paying top dollar for it.

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Re: My wireless service is very poor in Tampa Florida

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We want you to be able to enjoy you service in your home. We don't want you to leave. I would like to dig deeper into your service issues. Have you had a ticket opened already? What is your exact zipcode?


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