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Multiple users are reporting sporadic data consumption


Last month we noticed that we had not used our data much on one of our lines and some how 5 days into the billing cycle all of the available data for that line was used up. The line has an area code of 605 in Sioux Falls, SD. I asked friends that are also on Verizon and their data was also mysteriously all consumed. This happened to three other friends all with family plans. Their data limits were hit over night and the record showed that the activity took place at hours that none of them were awake. The system showed the activity between 2am and 8am. My line has unlimited data and i believe that it was also affected because i have not used an exorbitant amount this month and my usage is up to 54Gbs. Verizon needs to answer to this issue and reimburse us for any overage charges it has applied to our accounts.

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Re: Multiple users are reporting sporadic data consumption

Community Manager
Community Manager


Thanks so much for reaching out to our forums! We appreciate your efforts to have this looked into. We will definitely be happy to review your account in detail to make sure everything's working properly. We know how important it is to be in control of your data usage and want to make sure you have all the tools to do so. Depending on what phones you have and which apps you use, you may need to make note of some software changes. Data use can is metered in 6 hour increments regardless of whether or not it's used for the entirety of that period, so that's why you see at 2AM - 8AM period. There are some events that can happen that will end a session, such as being powered off or on an uninterrupted WiFi connection for a certain period of time. If you'd like a thorough review of your account, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-922-0204, or you can also reach us on live chat or social media. We'd love to provide you information here, but forums are public so we'd be unable to collect the necessary account information.


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