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Morristown Train Line- NJT service unusable


I have been commuting from NJ to Penn Station for fifteen years. The service on the Morristwon line has become virtually unusable over the past 24 months.  Even showing 4 bars of signal strength, throughput is next to zero.    I have run speedtest at every stop along the line with average speeds of well under 1 MB.   I understand about jumping between towers on a moving train, and interference from metal and trees, but this has become unacceptable.  

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Re: Morristown Train Line- NJT service unusable

Community Manager
Community Manager
Good morning! This is definitely not the service experience that we strive to offer, and we are worried to learn that it has been happening for over twenty-four months with this problem. We would like to review in detail  in your area to find the root cause of poor signal for all this time. Please send us a private message, so we can further assist you.



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