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More Verizon Fails

An Open Letter to Verizon -- Too many customer service fails

Verizon, not only did I not get a call back from the supervisor, I also did not get an email from the chat rep who said she would email me.  And the Verizon rep who requested that I DM her on this forum (on the linked discussion above) has never followed up with me.  Nor has any other Verizon rep.

I haven't seen my $50 credit yet, but I have seen a charge for $15 per line for suspension of service.  I'm guessing this is related to #5 in my original post.  I know there is a window of time between when the owner of the account who you are leaving calls you to release liability of my lines before you turn off service.  My sister, the previous owner of my lines, was nice enough to tell me I needed to call Verizon ASAP in order to prevent you guys from cutting off service.  So that's what I did.  I was on the phone with one of your rude incompetent supervisors, trying to resolve this whole AOL issue when my frickin service was disconnected!!!  I was on the phone for over an hour by the time I was disconnected, so you're essentially charging me $30 (I have two lines) because your customer service couldn't get this simple problem fixed in time.  What a joke.

So now in addition to the $50 credit I was promised, I would also like to be credited $30 on my next bill.  Verizon, the only way you can renew my faith in you is by getting me the credits I deserve in a timely manner....I will wish upon a star tonight.

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Re: More Verizon Fails


Sounds like the best option for you is to switch carriers. Sprint is paying whatever it costs t get you to switch.

Re: More Verizon Fails

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It seems as though it may be time to think about moving on...