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Mobile LTE data very slow - 80917


Please see topic

Mobile LTE data very slow - 80026

We have same problem here in Coloado Springs, not every tower however always a problem with cell tower serving my home.  This started off as problem with full static no voice when people called to my cell phone, I could kinda hear them and all they got was static.   Motorola replaced the phone, no change.   I found that Advance calling features, voice over LTE had become enabled when Android 6 was delivered to my original phone.  I then disabled this feature which in turn means no data while on a phone call and the symptoms completely disappeared.  This prompted me to run an ookla speed test with WIFI on and WIFI off (cell data only) the results were enlightning.

WIFI on 150M down, 20M up as expected

WIFI off (LTE Cell data) 0.8M down and 0.001M up

This in turn explains why so many data features on the phone like voice control operations just dont work in Colorado Springs, completely unreliable and consistently slow data from multiple towers in eastern Colorado Springs.

So VOLTE (VOIP service) is an abject failure on the verizon network because of a total lack of a minimum consistent level bandwidth from tower to tower to support it.

So before you ask, yes this consistent day in and day out for months, maybe even for the last year. The speed test just confirms our symtpoms and ties it to a coverage fault.

I understand that towers, transmitters and cell sites are expensive but the highly advertised coverage areas have a lot more holes than your marketting would lead us to believe.