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Mistakenly Sent To Collection Agency!


Just found out that Verizon has been trying to collect a debt from an invalid ETF charge since late September 2010.

I did leave Verizon for around 1 week in that time frame to try another prepaid service, but it was awful compared to Verizon.  So I came back and was told because it was only 1 week that I could come back and not be charged and ETF and it would be like I had never left.  Apparently not, because when I came back my account number changed and the old account apparently did not get closed out right and went to collections for an ETF.

So for the last 2 years Verizon has been showing up negatively impacting my credit report.  I have been enraged trying to get this off of my credit. Both calling Verizon and the Collection agency (CBE Group) have resulted in nothing but the collection agency trying to give me a reduced settlement of $300 and Verizon knowing nothing about it. I also went so far as disputing this Debt with Experian and Transunion with which they reported back to me saying that it was still a legitimate debt. 

Obviously I still have service with Verizon even though I supposedly owe them supposedly $427.  Please someone at Verizon help me, or one of you kind community members who went through something similar help me out!

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