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Missing Refund/"Offline Team"


In July 2015 I tried to switch to Verizon (from my older carrier).  Bad idea.

The woman I spoke to on the phone signed me up for a plan that didn't exist and sent the new phones without return labels (this part is important!). After a store told us (my sister) that the plan didn't exist, I called Verizon back and spent TWO HOURS with customer service.  They said they would honor the plan, but that since it didn't really exist, I would need to convince every store manager I interacted with to honor it.  I said NO THANKS and asked to cancel the plan and they said, no problem, we understand, just put your phones in the return packaging we included and send them back.

There were no return labels.  And so the issues continued.

They said they would issue return labels.  They never showed up.  Mind you, there is a FOURTEEN DAY window to return this point we were already at day ten.  They promised that refunds would be issued because it was Verizon's mistakes.

8+ calls and 6+ hours later, two (of the three) phones had been returned. Finally, after an additional two calls and two hours, they sent the last return label and I returned the phone.  At this point it was early October.

Now it is almost halfway through December.  You might ask about my refund? Oh, well it hasn't shown up yet.  You might ask if Verizon is doing anything to remedy the situation?  It isn't!  I can no longer call customer service to check on the issue because they have moved my complaints to their "Offline Team."  When I asked if there was a number for that team, they said nope, no contact information and I would have to wait 5-10 days for a response.

I have waited.  And waited.  Google searches tell me I should never expect to hear from them again.  No point in calling customer service since the "Offline Team" locked my account and won't provide any details.

So, Verizon, what do I do?  I am out >$250 and have NEVER been a customer. (I never opened the iPhone packaging and never activated or ported lines).

Community - have you had a problem like this?  Any remedies?  I think my next step is to take Verizon to small claims.  I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

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Re: Missing Refund/"Offline Team"


I assume since you paid over the phone you used a credit or debit card? If so, dispute the charges with your bank. They should temporarily refund the money to you which will turn to a permanent refund once they complete their investigation.

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