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Mislead by representatives. Resulted in $30+ in overage charges.


So about a month ago, I was interested in increasing my data plan from 1GB. Curious as to my options, I called Verizon's number to speak to a representative. I was told that, guess what, I was eligible to increase my data plan from 1GB to 2GB for no extra charge! I was a bit skeptical, so I asked her to clarify what she said, and she insisted that all she'd have to do is apply it on her end, and within a few minutes I'd be able to use my extra GB! Perfect! So, it sounded like a no-brainer, so I accepted.

So, I go into my phone, increase my data cap to 2GB (ya know, the setting that makes your phone disable data when you reach a certain amount), and happily use that extra GB that I thought I had! Fast forward to today, when I decide to log onto my Verizon account on a whim. Much to my horror, I see that I'm under a 1GB plan, and that I'm being charged $30+ in overages...!

Frustrated, I decide to use the "chat" feature on the website for help. Long story short, the person with whom I speak more or less implies that I misunderstood what the previous representative told me (to top it off, she said she had no records of that event, so now I'm a liar) and that I would need to switch my plan over and go through certain hoops to make the change. No way. I know what I was told. As I said, I vetted the representative that all it took was my go-ahead for her to increase my data. I'm a careful person, and wouldn't increase my cap without knowing what I was getting into.

Not to mention, the representative I later spoke with, apologizing for my supposed incompetence, said they'd remove the $30 overages on my account... which didn't happen. Brillante.

I'm sincerely not trying to be difficult, but c'mon guys, work with me here.

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Re: Mislead by representatives. Resulted in $30+ in overage charges.

Asistencia al cliente

Being billed correctly is definitely a must so I understand how you feel sailor. I apologize for all the inconvenience and frustration this has caused you. I want to help get to the bottom of this.

Please reply to the Direct Message I just sent you so I can access your account and further assist. I am confident we cab get this all cleared up.

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Re: Mislead by representatives. Resulted in $30+ in overage charges.

Líder Sénior

What plan are you on? How many gigs over? Data changes mid month are prorated.