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Metered Bandwidth Scam?


I don't use much bandwidth, so I was surprised to get a text from Verizon saying I would be charged $60 for over usage in December. The text also pushed "unlimited bandwidth" plans. I don't need unlimited bandwidth, so I paid for an additional 4 GB: 8 GB total. I was busy with Christmas shopping and I didn't go on line to see how much bandwidth I'd actually used. Yesterday, I got another text message saying I had gone over my new 8GB limit - again trying to upsell me on an unlimited bandwidth plan.. Since I knew that usage couldn't be true, I checked, and I have only used 13% of my purchased bandwidth. I called Support, and they had no idea why I'd received the warning. Is this a clever way to push (defraud) subscribers into buying a more expensive unlimited plan? Just send out bogus warnings and expect the consumer to pay up?