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Merging Lines


I just got married, we both have verizon. Between the 2 of us, we pay over $300 combined between our individual plans.

Question 1. I have a extra basic phone on my line, if the ETF is $175 and its been open for 19 months, how much would the ETF be?

Question 2. Can My wife be transferred to my line at no cost and we change my plan (once she transfers) to a share everything plan?

Question 3. Will her contract/upgrade dates be effected by a transfer to my account?

thank you.

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Re: Merging Lines

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1 - The ETF for a basic phone drops $5 for each month you complete of your contract. If you have completed 19 months, that means it has dropped by $95 and your current ETF is $80.

2 - yes.

3 - I believe if she has LESS than 1 year on her contract, her contract will be increased to a total of 1 yr remaining on her contract and before she can upgrade. Otherwise it will not be affected. I have heard different explanations on these forums from Verizon CS people, though, and would check before making the switch if she has less than 1 yr left on her contract.


Re: Merging Lines

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Congratulations on your marriage, ngriffie90! Let's make sure you have the right plan for your family's needs! Thanks to rcscshnoor for the initial response. I would be more than happy to offer some additional insight. May I ask why you are looking to stop the basic phone line? Since 4/21/13, when an Assumption of Liability is completed on a line the contract and upgrade date will not be affected. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


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