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Make the plans better

I think if you started the nights and weekends at 7p.m. instead of 9p.m. more people would change over from Sprint and AT&T. Since you bought Alltel you should also keep the circle of up to 20 going even for your Verizon people because that was one of the main reasons people went to Alltel in the first place. I completely changed over to Verizon because my phones service being an Alltel phone didn't do what it was suppose to because of the change over and that my husbands phone was most definitely a piece of crap and mine was getting there. I liked all of the options that they offered more than what ya'll do and now you own most of it so why not use those options and make the customers happier and get more customers while you are at it.
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Re: Make the plans better


Verizon Wireless
Customer Service Department
P.O.Box 105378
Atlanta, GA 30348


A mailed suggestion is generally more likely to be heard than one posted on the discussion forums. :smileyhappy: