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Lucy and no customer service

I want to know if anyone else has had to lodge complaints about this woman?  She played me for nearly a month before in a patronizing tone all but accused me of being a liar..  I could not believe it.  There was a mistake on Verizon's part and instead of fixing it, she covered it up.  Its absurd I have been a customer for more than 10 years and all I wanted was a tiny issue surrounding 1 phone to be resolved without my having to cough up hundreds of dollars.  You would think that she supposedly being on the corporate end of things would have a resolution to my inquiry but NO.  The phone call was offensive, the allegations were absurd and the result was that I was less than nothing, helpful, poor business and a complete and disregard to the facts.  Actually, she falsified some information in attempt I assume to hide the mistake.  Each time I called her out on it she had a new excuse.  I have to say I  was impressed at her ability to switch roles on a dime.  The 2 week worry free is false.  I began contacting withing 3 days of receiving my phone and that was in JULY!!! Now it is October and had false accusations thrown my way.  Thank you Lucy, it is astonishing that you would be allowed to treat customers as you did.  I would have expected better from someone at your level - then again I would expect better from Verizon who has had my loyalty for more than a decade!

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