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Loss of 3G phone and its use.


Was trying to save a new contact and the phone (old fashion Kyocera work phone) 3G would not save - bummmer, but then phone keeps shutting off and I have no service.  Got out the back-up phone, same make and model, and tried to activate so I would have phone service.  No go.  Verizon would not activate it since they will no longer support 3 G.  I was never informed.  Pay bill via my bank so wasn't on their site.  Did they shut me down or did the phone just stop working?  Either way they left me without phone service until I can purchase a new phone.  That is all they tried to do.  Sorry, we can't help you but you can puchase this or that.  Been customer for perhaps 20 years up here in the sticks of NJ.  Wish another company would work -- I'd switch.

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Re: Loss of 3G phone and its use.

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Tech changes. Rotory phones aren't in every home. AT&T no longer has the streets lined with pay phones. 


If you live somewhere with poor infrastructure, either lobby to get that changed or move to an area that cares about keeping it's citizens in the modern world.

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