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Losing a customer


I am really disappointed with Verizon Wireless. You guys have always been great until now. I moved into an area where coverage looks like it's great but its really a marginal service area per ticket:  >>ticket number removed<< . I was told that we would be a great candidate for a network extender where it would boost the signal in my home enough so I can actually use my cell phone. I was excited that I didn't have to switch my provider and then you guys tell me its $250. I pay you guys enough and I have been with you guys pretty much since cell phones became popular. I can't believe you guys would charge your customers for it when other companies do give them to you free for the same reason. In fact I am changing my provider because I should be able to have my phone work in my home. I would recommend working on your customer service a bit more especially for those that have been customers for awhile.

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Re: Losing a customer

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As I have stated many times on this board, VZW maps DO NOT show level of service Best, Great, Fair, Stinks, None. 

It only shows service, yes or no. In your case yes, Marginal = Stinks.

And Personally, I feel the maps should be contoured to show appox strength, but as they say, terrain, trees, buildings and such will change the signal considerably from house to house