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Local Store Customer Service Problem


I had an extremely upsetting interaction with a local store manager yesterday.  Our conversation devolved to the point where he was blatenly lying to me and not trying to work with me at all.  I have never been treated so poorly by any store person in any store.  I've bought countless phones from this store and manage a family of 6's phones in Verizon.  That store just lost a customer.  I will never shop there again.  And I am very unhappy with the outcome of my purchase at Verzion.  Basically, they gave me the wrong phone and when I went in to get the correct phone they would not waive the $50 restocking fee.  I would still like a resolution but do not know who to talk to about it.  If this forum could help me please provide me with someone to talk to about this poor store service and rude, lying manager.

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Re: Local Store Customer Service Problem

Community Manager
Community Manager

Mtuffnell, as a long time customer of ours, we appreciate your loyalty and appreciate you taking the time in providing such valuable feedback. Did you originally process your order online and complete an in-store pickup?  How exactly were you provided with the incorrect device?

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