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Jetpack in a 3g area with weak signal


I purchased a jetpack as I do not have any way to have intranet in my area. I do have 3g here but I usually only have 1 or 2 bars but sometimes none.  I am not happy with the service. Feel they should have told me it may not work before I signed a 2 year contract.  I can not load facebook at all and some other websites.  Is there a reason it will not load?

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Re: Jetpack in a 3g area with weak signal

Community Manager
Community Manager

The jetpack is a great device and I want you to be able to experience the greatness it has to offer. It will depend on where you are using the jetpack. Have you tried it in alternate locations? Close to a window would help to get the best type of signal.
Do you get an error or anything? Also, which jetpack do you have? We'll see what can be done to boost the signal so you can browse the world wide web.

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