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Issues with poor coverage


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I am having some of the same issues.

I was told to purchase a booster from the Verizon store.

Thankfully I decided against that... and with only 6 mo left in 2 yr contract... thought I could get through it.

I CANNOT,.... and shouldnt have to at $100 month for ONE phone... Iphone... my lifeline.

Though not in suburbs... Im not that rural either.... I should have coverage... and was told even to purchase another phone, that the Iphone didnt have a good (antenna) device. Well I almost did, but was sure that it wouldnt fix the coverage issue... as I would have had to pay $35 when I returned the trial phone. See.... they always try to get you to upgrade or sign on for something else... to keep you locked in.

Well I finally had it and talked with a Aaron, and he was honest. Pulled a previous tixx in my area showing marginal coverage which would get me out of this contract. I had to have a tixx for this address to confirm it is still marginal in my area to get me out of my contract... I should have done this at the beginning... but now with only 2 months left... I still want out.

Someone else suggested Straight Talk. I get the no contract but the point is its still a Verizon network. Aaron confirmed yes S.T. does use Verizon towers but also others ... so it is a good chance it would be even better than my Verizon coverage. Well I thought that Verizon Towers, AT&T Towers.... T Mobile.... were all in it together... and rent from one another if they dont have coverage in an area....

I wonder if we are all just sheep to the slaughter and misinformed based on second hand information....

I hope to get out of this contract and never look back. No contracts for me. If Im going to have crappy service... I would rather not pay $100 month for it... $30 or $40 makes more sense!

Sincerely Over It


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Re: Issues with poor coverage



Verizon wont let me out... one month left and still $130 for early termination fee!

REALLY? This is your customer service?

WHY? Due to them having to recoup costs for the IPHONE.... well almost 2 years and they havent recouped costs?


Awful service coverage tho they claim that I have adequate coverage in my area... and due to my call volume and text that they were sure that there wasnt a problem with my service!

This is all crap as I was trying to explain how many times I have to call customers back to have a full conversation 2 and 3 times... apologizing for my bad service... and with every person ... NOW they know Verizon has bad coverage too... so I guess in 2 years ... I guess plenty have heard me say my Verizon coverage just plain sucks....

Joseph in tech support not as customer service helpful as Aaron but they still all work for the same company and Im sorry ... I wont be EVER returning to Verizon.... they dont hold up their end of the bargain for my $100 month investment into THIER BUISINESS!

I hope they get shortened up in our bad ecomomy to realize that EVERY customer counts!

Sincerely Hopeful


Verizon customer since 2011 but not no more!

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