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Issues with network in Carolina West territory



I am writing this for my Mother (and for myself when I go visit her) as she lives in Carolina West Wireless territory and is a Verizon user (actually the whole family are Verizon users).

Sadly she has major issues with her 3G cell phone. She's always on extended network, so her smart phone is useless other than for calling and texting unless she switches to WiFi and uses her home internet. Sometimes her calls do not go through and instead she gets a Carolina West message telling her she's called "cannot be completed as dialed" - numbers in question are other Verizon numbers, numbers she used to be able to call just fine. And when they call her, they got someone else entirely! This never used to happen.

She is supposed to be via the Verizon coverage map Extended 3G.

She has tried going to Verizon stores for help, and even called and she just gets nowhere. No one seems to have any answers for her.

When I used to come visit her my cell could use 3G (it's a Droid 4, she's got a Droid 3) and I could still get on the internet with it (not using her WiFi, but 3G network) but not anymore, my cell is too rendered to nothing but calls and texts and that's it. My Father's Droid 3 when he comes home says there's no service at all.

Is this Carolina West's doing? Is there anything to be done? Why is the network getting worse for Verizon users here? We keep trying to get help and we keep getting spun in circles.

Can someone please help us? Give us some answers? Some things to say when we call Verizon or go to a store and try to get help? They just look at us like we've grown a second head.

Please, please help!

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Re: Issues with network in Carolina West territory


Verizon seems to be moving in a backward direction when it comes to roaming data, so there is no doubt in my mind that one of the latest prl (Preferred Roaming List) updates removed 3g access from that specific carrier.  You may have luck calling verizon and having them switch you to a "hybrid prl" or reverting you back to your old prl, but the reason they do this is to save money so it may be a challenge to get things done.  I just went through this same nonsense for a couple hours today with a commnet roaming area and am finally able to get evdo 3g again after they reverted me back to an old prl

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Re: Issues with network in Carolina West territory

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello jaibyrd
Great question! I would be glad to help. It's very frustrating when you get errors or can't access data. It may be the area. There may have been a update ob the other carriers tower.

On the Droid 3 please power the device off then back on. When in our network please Dial *228 and choose option 2. This will ensure the device is looking for all the available towers. For the Droid 4 please power down and remove and reinsert the Sim card and retest.

If the issue persists, I would recommend a network extender. They are like mini cell towers for the home. Learn all about them here:

Please follow us on twitter @VZWSupport

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