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Is it worth it to switch from a family plan to a solo plan?


I'm about to graduate college, and I don't have a lot of money. So, I want to minimize my phone bill without having to share data with my family or change my device. Can I switch to a bare-bones plan that would be LESS expensive than what i'm currently paying as part of my family plan? And can I keep my current device and the subsequent upgrade for it that I have coming? If this would be a good decision for me, how might I go about switching plans without going into a Verizon store? I don't know when I'll have time to get in to one. Gracias.

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Re: Is it worth it to switch from a family plan to a solo plan?

Asistencia al cliente

We have all the answers you need to make transitioning to your own account easy and simple levitymonger. Family plans are always good because you do save money by sharing data. Its always cheaper to be on a family share but we can put you on the lowest plan based on the amount data you need. How much data do you use per month by yourself?

You will need to start this process by having the account owner contact us so we can note the account with them agreeing to let you have the line. Once this is noted to the account, you have to contact our Assumption of Liability team to complete the credit check and switch. Yes, you can keep your current phone and subsequent upgrade.

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Re: Is it worth it to switch from a family plan to a solo plan?

Líder Sénior

What are you currently paying as part of your family plan? Odds are it;s less than you would pay on a standalone plan for yourself. At some point you may want to break away and be independent - but I still have my married daughter on my family plan simply because it makes more financial sense for her to be there than by herself (her husband's work pays for his phone).