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Data internacional


I am having a very tough time with international data recently.  It is not a universal issue, but seems to have started recently, and so far appears to be isolated to international carriers that I can get on LTE connections with.  Basically, what will happen is this:

I land in foreign country, fire up the phone, see that I get a full 4GLTE connection, and everything works for up to 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes however, a ton of websites stop working, text messages start getting delayed, etc.  I can manually go into the phone settings, manually select GSM/LTE, and then manually select another operator and sometimes that will work.  However, sometimes I will then get data back, but cannot receive calls or text.  It has happened with two phones (Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S7) in three different countries.  Not to say the least, its very frustrating, and I'm considering switching all my lines of service to AT&T as I find myself overseas more often these days.

Does anyone have this problem?  Maybe someone with other phones (perhaps iPhones?)

Issues/Places so far:


Telkomsel LTE: No data

Telkomsel HSPA, HSPA+, 3G: Works fine

Hamburg, Germany:

Deutsche Telekom LTE: No data after 30 min*

Deutsche Telekom HSPA, HSPA+, 3G: NA - phone has no option to turn off LTE, and I am always in an LTE coverage zone in Hamburg

Vodaphone HSPA, HSPA+, 3G:  Data OK, voice and SMS don't work

O2 HSPA, HSPA+, 3G: Works fine

Wismar, Germany:

Deutsche Telekom HSPA, HSPA+, 3G: Data works fine

Frankfurt, Germany, and route to Paris:

Deutsche Telekom LTE: Works Fine; but have not spent more than a couple hours here so unsure if it sticks

Paris, France:

Bouyges LTE: No data after 30 min*

Bouyges HSPA, HSPA+, 3G: Works OK, but did not spent more than a couple hours before a LTE connection picked up and I lost data

Orange LTE: Works fine

In the No Data where I have an asterisk (*), the data loss is not absolute - a lot of sites and data services don't work, but some do.  I do see that generally sites and services that transmit over encryption (SSL) do not work in those (*) situations, but non-encrypted sites work...this was not scientific and there are exceptions.

I have an open ticket with the network group [Removed] currently, before I had open tickets as well but came back to the US before they could spend a lot of time looking into the issue.

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Re: International Data


Correction - In Paris, The Orange LTE connection would sometimes lose text message capability for a couple hours.  Send is OK, but nothing is received for a couple hours.  The messages will queue up and get delivered once a couple hours pass, then it will start working in real time again.

Also I should mention that in most instances where I have data but no text or phone calls, for some reason it clears up when I connect to Wifi.  My wife's line (same phone model, plan) appears to have better internet connectivity - it holds full internet under Bouyges LTE for a bit longer but then drops down into a broken connection where the same group of sites can't be accessed, but she has not had the text message delay issue.

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Re: International Data

Community Manager
Community Manager

rlin5741 we want to make sure you only have to worry about having a great trip. The best course of action now would be to contact our Global department. Here is their toll free number: 908-559-4899.

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Re: International Data


I did call, on three separate trips, but they have not solved the problem.  I think part of the issue is that I leave the country before they have a chance to fully troubleshoot

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