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I have had Verizon service for 10 years. I have had an IPhone 4 since 2011, and have paid for insurance coverage. After I accidentally dropped my Iphone I spent 2 hours on the phone with Verizon tonight trying to process a claim and get a new phone. 2 hours later and I am no better off than when I first began. Verizon Wireless are crooks, they do not mind taking your money for the insurance coverage but when it comes time to replace your phone they do not want too. I will be taking my coverage to another carrier after 10 years. So much for customer appreciation. It use to be that Verizon appreciated their customers and their business but that is evidently not the case any more. If anyone can recommend another good carrier please do so. Gracias.

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Re: Insurance

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Have you tried filing a claim at the following?


Re: Insurance

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Well call asurion..

I would recommend verizon, since your issue is based on a non service non verizon issue..