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Insurance after buying phone.


Is there a way to buy insurance after you've already purchased and activated your phone? I bought a blackberry curve and declined the insurance but decided it might be a good idea to have it. Also, what does the insurance cover exactly? Is it just like the warranty, where it covers defects within the phone itself, or does it also cover external damages?

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Re: Insurance after buying phone.

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You have 30 days after the original purchase date to add insurance. Also, during the month of September only there's open enrollment. So if your device is less than 12 months old and you didn't add insurance within the first 30days you can still add insurance this month of September.


There are two insurance programs you can sign up for: WPP is Wireless Phone Protection and only covers your phone if it's lost/stolen or damaged. You pay a deductible and you get a new phone. TEC is the Total Equipment Coverage which combines the WPP insurance with an extended warranty. So your phone is covered beyond the 1 yr manufacturer warranty as long as you're paying for the TEC.

Re: Insurance after buying phone.


WRONG! I had the insurance coverage and was paying $6.99/mo for it. When I brought in the phone for a bluetooth failure they wouldn't cover it as the extended warranty had expired. I was STILL paying the insurance fee however and they said they would now only cover the phone if it was physically damaged.  My complaint is that this was never explained to me when I order the insurance coverage, If they had, I would never have ordered it. I was under the impression that my phone was being fully covered while I was paying for insurance. Now my bluetooth is dead and they won't cover it. My only alternative they said was to buy a new phone!  With Verizon, you better read between the lines and use caution when ordering anything. Like a magician, things are not always as they appear!