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I was trying to switch from my current provider ATT to Verizon.  I purchased an iPhone online and was given a number to call for my credit check. I called the number waited for over 30 minutes and was able to complete the credit check by phone. The following morning I received another e-mail stating that my identity must be verified prior to picking up my iPhone from the Verizon store.  So I called the number waited for 35 minutes then gave up since I had things to do.  Later that day I tried again, after waiting on hold for an hour I was able to talk to someone.  They told me to copy my drivers license and submit it to them which I did.  I was put on hold again and then the representative came back and said they could not verify my identity and my order was being cancelled.  I asked them why and they could not answer any questions they only told me my order was cancelled.  Frustrated after waisting over 2 hours of my life on hold over the past two days I continued to probe them why?  No answer, just cancelled my order.  So then I went to the Verizon store to ask if they could answer my question of why my order was cancelled since I know it wasn't related to my credit score +800.  I waited for another 25 minutes and talked to a representative who told me that I would have to attempt to purchase a phone so that they could try and duplicate the problem.  The same thing happened again and after talking to the store manager they had no idea why? 

I have had a cell phone with brand T,S, and A over the past 20+ years and have never encountered anything remotely close to this.  Has anyone experienced this before and if so what was the reason?  I guess I will stick with brand "A" since Verizon has done a banner job of waisting my time, not wanting my money and leaving me in the dark!

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