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I would like to end my contract early. How much will I have to spend to do so?


I have an iPhone 5s that I purchased in November. I picked up the phone in Best Buy and immediately was overcome by lust for all things Apple. I did not ask the right questions (in fact, I asked no questions.) I was unaware I would be paying >$100 per month on my phone bill. I cannot afford this outrageous fee. My contract ends in 2015. I have a very long time before my contract ends and my boss just cut my hours in half. I am not going to allow a dumb phone to send me into destitution... which it has many times. I'm already under the poverty level; I need to cut this needless expense. I know this is my own mistake. I was stupid and allowed the feel and look and name of the iPhone to make my decision, instead of basing my cellular preference upon need and practicality.

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Re: I would like to end my contract early. How much will I have to spend to do so?

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I'm happy you love your phone misseve but sad to hear you need to possibly cancel your plan. We always have options for our awesome customers and based on your data usage we can recommend some other plans. We have a $60.00 plan currently that provides 1gb of data per month with unlimited text and voice minutes.  Take a look at the plan here .You can also perform a pricing plan analysis online via MY-Verizon to see if there is a lower plan that is more cost effective . Let us know how we can help.

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