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I would like to contact someone about area coverage.

My family and I live in Craig, Colorado and our service is good in some areas and in the center of town is

horrible. At best where we live, I get a low 3G signal if I stand near a certain window with a poor network

extensor signal and we use WiFi supported applications to receive messages and calls. There are several

Verizon customers in Craig that have the same complaint of poor service and most have been going to the

servicio local provider or larger providers and with those other companies moving in that have the service to

back their product. Would it be rude to ask Verizon to look into updating their towers or adding new towers to

expand the service signal. The most recent "upgrade" was increasing to the 4G LTE and even that signal is

spotty at best.

Can Verizon suggest a means to make it better?

Thank you for your time and consideration, Johnny

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Re: I would like to contact someone about area coverage.
Asistencia al cliente

Johnny, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. I know dependable service is extremely important. I need to gather some additional information from you to get a better idea of what is happening. I'll be sending you a private message shortly.

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