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I was happy until today....

I have been I verizon customer since December of 2008. I was happy with there service up until the middle of this year when the first messed up my bill. I let it go, no big deal.

About 3 weeks ago I stopped into a verizon wireless store in the Scottsdale AZ area. I went in to talk about the new EDGE program they have going on. That particular store did not deal with EDGE and they sent me to a corporate store, no big deal. I go into the store and wait 30-45 minutes to speak with a rep. I talked over EDGE with the rep and they informed me I would lose the current phone number I had, due to the fact I would have to start a new line because I would have to ET (early terminate my phone I currently had), i told them I would think about it and come back in a few days.

So three days later, Friday October 4th I go in and I wait another 30-45 minutes. It my turn and I talk to the rep and her and I are discussing the EDGE program and just product stuff. We get to the point where I decide to do it and begin the process of getting me the new iPhone 5s instead of my iPhone5. We are working through the process very quickly and she was happy to answer my questions. When I asked about activation and termination she told me I can do all of that from my home computer which I thought was awesome and really smiple to do (BOY WAS SHE WRONG!!!). The phone was supposed to ship on October 28th, but it actually shipped on Monday October 21st and I got it yesterday October 23rd.

Last night I was all excited to have my new phone delivered. I left my job at 9:15 PM (after working a 8 hour day) and got home around 10ish. As soon as I get in I start unwraping the phone, backing up the old one, and activating the new one. Everything is going good and then it starts to go down hill.

It is now 11:00 PM Wednesday October 23rd, 2013 and I begin the process of "terminating/decativing" my iPhone5. My Verizon was down for a half hour so I had to wait. 11:30 rolls around and I am reading through all the options I can do with my phone, none of which said anything to do with terminating the line. 12 AM rolls around and I start searching the internet. I still can't find anything at all. 1AM rolls around and I stopped working on that phone and began to work on my new iPhone5s everything is going good with it till I try switching it to my primary line. I would not switch over at all. So I attempt to switch the numbers on the phone. That doesn't help. I tried many options until I was exhausted. it is now 2AM and I have given up on the terminating and making primary process. I figured to head down to the verizon store in the morning they can terminate the line.

Now it's 9AM Arizona time, I head down to the orignal verizon store I went into. I walk in and I can heard the person in the back and I waited up front patiently. 5 minutes has passed and the person finally comes out the back room surprised someone was in the store. I tell her why I was there and she began to help me. Then she informs me that I can't terminate my line in that store. She told me I have to go to a corporate store or call customer serivce.

So I said thank you and I head out to the car. I call customer service and I begin to explain my issue. They are informing me it will be $240 for me to terminate the line (which I wanted to do). Then she tells me I can put my iPad on my plan and make the ETF go down some if I used the iPad on the plan. So i head home and she informs me she will call me back in 10 minutes (it was 12:21 EST, and 9:21 Arizona Time), she said at 12:30 she would call me back. So I jet home and grab my iPad. Now my iPad had ghost armor on it I told her and she told me to remove the ghost armour and then we would troubleshoot when she called back. I removed my ghost armor and I have no port for a sim card (ghost armor on the iPad costs around 40-60 bucks) I am now irritated 1. because I just lost my ghost armor and 2. she didnt call me at 12:30/9:30.

So I need to head to school and I plan to head to the corporate store when I have a break.

On my break I head down to the store walk in and of course there is a wait. I waited 45 minutes until I talked to a rep about all my issues going on. i informed him of all the wrong information I was given and how I was upset. He said that he apologized for the incovience I was through during the day. He terminated the line for me in the store and sold me screen protectors for my phone. I left after that.

Now I'm just very upset with all of the misinformation I was given, all the run around that I did today, and the fact that customer service has still not called me back.

Verizon I trust you with my phone service but you keep giving me reasons to leave the company anymore.

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Re: I was happy until today....

Community Manager
Community Manager

Good evening thatpittsburghgirl21,

I'm sorry to see that you endured such a tedious process to process your upgrade via the Edge program. Upgrading your phone should always be a happy event and I apologize for such inconvenience. You are a valued customer and we want to serve your wireless needs for years to come!

I understand that your phone is now active. Do you still need our customer service representative to call you back? Do you have any additional questions about the Edge program?

Please keep in mind that this is a peer to peer forum and while our Social Media team monitors the posts, the best way to get immediate assistance is to call 800-922-0204 or send us a message on twitter at @VZWSupport at your convenience.

Follow us on Twitter at

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