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I told disconnect one phone, apply lowest cost plan to other. verizon mistake = my expense?


Wow something so simple yet Verizon refuses to accept responsibility.  I paid the disconnect fee near $200 for daughter's iphone and told specifically to assign lowest plan available for my old flip fone, well past contract, to the absolute lowest cost plan. It is an emergency back up fone for the house - and block all texting to boot. I get a bill, its for $90.00 .

I call (first of several) telling they made a mistake, need to credit and rebill. i am told that I have a family share plan for some ungodly amount of minutes and data(!) . I ask exactly who I am sharing minutes with? "Oh ya, you disconnected the other fone." Well ok we will change the plan starting the next billing month. Mind you we are already into 2nd month of near $90 per month. I told no, your mistake, review the notes and rebill. told they see the notes, the most they can do is offer a 40% discount. A lot of time wasted on this call, I tell fix or disconnect - comes to this after having this number with Verizon for near 20years!  OK we fix. I get new bill next day in email. same balance. Start over same story, discount only. Then disconnect the phone now. I am still getting automated calls to pay bill. yes phone is still connected.

VERIZON YOU MADE THE MISTAKE, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I PAY FOR THAT MISTAKE? The phone is never used for more than 20 minutes per month over past two years. I will not pay more than I actually owe and will surely need to contact AG's or BBB to keep you from going after my credit report. Well worth the time and effort. Let this be a warning to anyone believing what they are told on a phone cal with Verizon Wireless Customer Service.

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