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I spent hours on the phone getting a great deal only to find out I imagined it, anyone else have this happen? Any ideas on something or somewhere better to turn to for advice?


I've been a VZ customer since the invention of the first old grey Motorola flip phones, and it was way past my time to upgrade my phone and my plan, only prob was I was on a sub-account under my folks who had long since quit VZ after being scammed, as many elderly are, by a mid-eastern store set up to look like a VZ store, but just underwriters. I spent over 4hrs with a very understanding VZ rep who swore he'd straighten their accounts out and get back to me first thing Mon morning. On Tues, after not hearing from him, I was told that conversation never happened,,,but that's a whole other $800 gripe. Anyway, I needed to start my own account with them to not be liable for their debt, which was surprisingly simple enough, then transferred to a lady to pick out a phone and a plan. I already knew what phone I wanted, but plans were an ordeal, but after a long time with this extremely pleasant lady, she found a rare 'back to school' deal that ended that day. Great deal, 4 or 5 gigs of data, with unlimited everything and a hotspot  as well. Overnight shipping, and a good deal on an accessory pack! I jumped on that like crazy. 4-5 days later when I got my overnight phone, I looked over my account and had 500  megs of data, no wifi hotspot and a higher bill. Call after call to supervisors left me with the same answer, that there had never been any such deal, no such woman existed, and what I saw is what I was stuck with. Finally, one pleasant lady upgraded me to 2g's of data for $60, but no hotspot without paying something ridiculous extra. But all the calls, always, getting transferred after stating my issue, then, after a long wait, a supervisor coming on and telling me there was never any such offer, or conversation, even with the  woman's name and extension, was quite irritating, and I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience or was aware of that discount.

To make my transition to a smart phone even more fun, I had to re-enter my banking info into my account, on a phone I was not used to (one w/out buttons), and my fingers as large as 3 of the screens buttons. Well I entered my checking and routing no.s and made payment, and received a thank you and transaction code as per normal. Next month I receive a delinquent notice, late fees, and was informed that I could only make payments at a store in cash! I had attempted to defraud the system or something like that.  Apparently,after going through 3 levels of reps at VZ, I'd entered one to many numbers, even though at the time my payment was said to be processed and verified and the proper codes sent to verify that. Then, no one I spoke with could possibly understand how simple human error might play any part in that,like possibly hitting two keys at once when using a smart phone for your first time, no exceptions made for human error at all. If that was even where the fault was.

Also had to switch out the initial phone since even the store techs couldn't get a Windows phone to connect to VZ's internet, then again a few months later when it fell 4-6" onto the grass and the screen went out.

Point is, any suggestions anyone might have for a better service that supports Windows and is more competitive with its rates, or links to sites offering some DIY help would be much appreciated, I've just had too much fun with Verizon.

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Re: I spent hours on the phone getting a great deal only to find out I imagined it, anyone else have this happen? Any ideas on something or somewhere better to turn to for advice?

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I will start with:  Great job getting a Loyalty line right out of the gate.  $60 for 2GB is much cheaper since you don't pay the additional $40 access charge!  If you want to get more data or need the hotspot, you can change to a More Everything plan and pay $40 extra for the 2GB and get hotspot included.

As for Windows phones, you will find no support for those within Verizon right now, not until MAYBE when Win10 comes out.

As far as fixing the phone yourself out of warranty and with no insurance, you can Google any number of terms like,

"Window (model#) screen repair videos."  Or similar.  YouTube is great for that sort of thing.