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I just switched to Verizon and amazed by the aweful customer service


I just switched from Sprint and am amazed by Verizon's customer service.

They have no email support.

The only online functionality - Chat is always 100% "busy" and unaccessible

The Phone line had me waiting for 30 minutes before i hung up.

For a company this size, this customer service is aweful.

I'm simply trying to correct problems that the Verizon store rep made - not removing the device fee and adding my corp discount.

Thankfully I'm still in the time that i can quit Verizon.  Thanks. you've lost me!

Stopping by a store this afternoon to giv

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Re: I just switched to Verizon and amazed by the aweful customer service

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Yeah the best thing to do is go back to sprint.

Lets see They have NO email support.

They have wait times on the line for service.

They have chat buried on the web portal so just finding it is a real pip.

The corporate discount takes at least two billing cycles.

and they are not going top waive the activation fees unless it is a Verizon promotion.

Sprint does not give corporate discounts unless you jump through hoops far greater than just showing a company ID card. My friend has them and he a disabled American Vietnam era veteran, and they would not give it to him. Just active personnel only. So Sprint is not that great.

They will be greater once you rejoin their Framily ( Family)

Good Luck back at Sprint