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I have been slapped by $1290 bill for 254 min of international call

1. I am a loyal customer of Verizon for more than 14 years, and my yearly bill( me, my wife's phone and another jetpack router) is always over $2500 per year.

2.  Plan that I used never had international calling or International Travel before 2015.

3. In Dec 2015, for my trip in India, I added international travel to my plan for a month. I added only data plan.

4. On 7/9, 2016 for trip to India, I added International plan again for a month (end 8/8 ). This time data and voice call with 100 min call to India included and for each additional minute, 25c to be charged.

5. I returned to USA on 8/2, 2016 and because I knew my international plan is valid, I called from USA to India using Verizon wireless because I was under impression till August 8, I am under international plan I purchased.

6. Between 2nd-8th August, I called to India for 256 min, for which I should be charged around $63.00 at per the contract I accepted for international calling.

7. On 8/26, I was slapped with a bill of $1250, and my account was sent to collection without even any prior SMS or call [ not a single one] that I have been charged $2.56 per minute for calling to India. No SMS, No CALL was sent. Normally for any high billing Verizon always send SMS and warn.

No way I could imagine calling to India will be that expensive since TMobile provides unlimited calling to India @$20 per month.

8. Then I had the worst experience in customer service provided from India-where people don't understand what is a "sales contract" or how consumer is protected against wrong billing under consumer protection act. They flatly denied to understand that I never signed a billing rate of $2.56 per minute by my contract and that

when I accepted International service, no where it was "explicitely" mentioned, calling rate from India to India and USA to India are different.

9. So I am switching to TMobile and going to consumer protection since Verizon wireless failed to comply with two laws in my case  :  Title 13 Consumer Protection Act, Maryland, and 47 U.S.C. 227 (TCPA).


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Re: I have been slapped by $1290 bill for 254 min of international call


Well, number 5 was your mistake. The international rates can be found on Verizon's website. The plan you had, per your post the travel plan, which only gives you discounted rates while you personally are overseas. Also, number 9 yeah you could switch but still have this bills. I would say right now the account is in financial services. I would say ask them if they would do a rerate as if you had that plan. Worth a shot.

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Re: I have been slapped by $1290 bill for 254 min of international call

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You were no longer traveling internationally when you were back in the US.  This is not something that was hidden in the fine print and is evident with a quick read of the details of the international plan you selected.  Unfortunately most see you in error, and responsible for the charges you did on the service. 

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Re: I have been slapped by $1290 bill for 254 min of international call

Community Manager
Community Manager

PARADUTT, let's get your international issues addressed. It concerns us to see the challenges that you are facing with your international usage. We will work to clarify everything and explore what can be done. Please reply to your Private Message, so we can dive into the best options.

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