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I found a typo on the Verizon Site...


There isn't anywhere specific to put this comment, so I'll place it here. I originally got on the online chat with "Jessica," who was 100% ineffective. First, I believe Verizon should encourage their customers (the community) to be their eyes and ears to point out mistakes as they occur. If a mistake or typo is discovered, Verizon should benefit the client and give them a gift card or $ amount off of their monthly bill for pointing out these typos.

I found a typo on one of the Verizon web pages, and notified "Jessica" of this. When I asked about a benefit to the client, she said there wasn't any. She then asked if that was all, and when I said yes, she finished the chat. She never asked where I found that typo. If Verizon wants to be the best, they need to keep aiming to improve and fix mistakes as they appear.

I'm curious to see how long it takes before a Verizon representative looks at this post to ask about the typo I discovered.

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Re: I found a typo on the Verizon Site...


Well this is a peer to peer forum, not a direct link to customer support. You'd be better off calling, but they won't give you anything for it. Reference your customer agreement. Things written Verizon isn't liable for. And why can't you simple type here exactly what this "typo" was?

Re: I found a typo on the Verizon Site...

Líder Sénior

Why didn't you simply list the typo in your post?