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I filed a complaint with the FCC

Mid October my Nexus and jet pack both died because of a bad cord. Went into the local store to get a new phone cord. While there was talked into a new phone and jet pack by the salesman. He said I'd get a new jet pack for one dollar and a new phone for $35 with the rebate. What a scam. My bill came and was $300 bucks, all kind of activation charges? I change the phone on my plan by myself, loaded my own contacts like many times before. Never ever where we told about any additional fees and chargers. That's problem number one.

Problem number two....the old jet pack is still on my bill costing me $50 dollars a month, that's for two months. That was suppose to be disconnected in October. What a bad company to deal with. These people are not honest and own a monopoly in our area.

Here is a link to my complaint with the FCC,

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Re: I filed a complaint with the FCC

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Who is to blame that were able to be "talked into" a new phone? Not you? You have no control over your own decisions? Also I'm not sure the FCC is the right venue for a complaint. Especially if the store wasn't a corporate store. You didn't state which store you went to.

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