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I am Mad as Hell and I am not going to take it anymore


I have been a loyal customer for over a decade using you for both business and for pleasure.  Since that time I have added to my family and the number of lines at Verizon.   Your service and coverage area has always been the best.

But what is of concern to me is your current business model appears as if you have a monopoly at this time.  When you can give your customers less of what they want and than increase the price you do have to be treated like a monopoly.  You take away unlimited data while you sell us phones that eat data up.  No one can explain how my wife's phone has gone from less than one gig of use to 8 gig of use.  It is the same phone and she has done nothing different with this phone.  It appears that all of our phones has grown exponentially in their use of data.  We have Wi-Fi and cellular data is off most times.  This is very troubling as there's no way to audit how you're charging your customers at this time.

I feel as if I am being ripped off.  It is so frustrating watching your money going out the window.  If you have been complacent in making it difficult for people to track the data that you charge for than you have tricked the customers and engaged in dirty business.  Your name will lose all value.  I am a computer engineer grad with 20 years exp and I can't figure out how we have been forced to 14 gig per month.   Forced, as it's 15 dollars if you don't increase, 10 if you do.  Were going to have to purchase our phones and move to another network.  This is a shame because your network is very large and reliable.  But I know that this is something that we have to do.  When I talk to friends they feel the same way I do.   You are burning your bridges and when the competition becomes tough you will lose so many customers.

Inspired by Open Letter to Verizon Wireless

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Re: I am Mad as Hell and I am not going to take it anymore
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Network, nice movie with Peter Finch.

First a correction, Verizon did not take away your unlimited data. You gave it up for the value of paying 1/4 of the price of that cellular device.

Point two, Monopoly Monopoly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

this does not apply to Verizon Wireless.

Although I can feel for you; the simple fact is until some government agency steps in to actually verify that data counter Verizon will continue as they are right now. Unchecked and amok.

You have other providers. T-Mobile or Sprint have unlimited data for now, and AT&T has great coverage but alas not unlimited data.

And for now at 98 million+ paying customers you are just a speck of a ripple in the pond. (Customer)

Good Luck at your new provider.