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How to resolve order issue


I placed an online order on Thanksgiving day.  I upgraded two phones and added an Apple Watch.  I went through ALL the screens, agreeing to everything and then submitted the order I received an order number for the upgraded devices and an order for the added device.  I later received an email with tracking information thinking that tracking information was for the entire order.  I tracked the order today and realized the order is for the new device and neither of the upgraded phones.  I contacted CS using chat and they were unable to find the order for the upgraded phone using any method they had available.  They claim the order number does not exist.  I offered to email a scan of the "receipt" that I printed upon order completion with the entire order and was refused the offer.  The only thing the CS rep could suggest was to place the order using current promotion pricing which is significantly different.  It would appear that if I placed an order, it was processed and I received confirmation of that order with order numbers that the correct order would be placed at the prices that I agreed to when placing the first order.  As is, I have an Apple Watch arriving tomorrow that doesn't even show the discounted price that I agreed to.  The CS rep said he would connect me to sales rep to see what was available today, but never did so.  He then disconnected the chat saying I hadn't responded when I was typing along with him.  How do I get an order issue resolved.  It is impossible to get through to CS on the telephone.

Re: How to resolve order issue

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I would be just as alarmed as you if this occurred to me, denbush. I would be more than happy to investigate this concern. I have sent you a private message. We look forward to hearing from you.


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