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How to reinstate suspended service?


A few months ago, I got very behind on my bill. My account was suspended due to lack of payment. It's been over two months since my phone was shut off. However, I paid the amount in full the other day and my service is still not back on. What do I have to do to reinstate my service? Is there a fee that I have to pay?

Also, when it is reinstated, will I get billed for two months of use even though I wouldn't have been using it a full month?

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Re: How to reinstate suspended service?

Community Manager
Community Manager

We're glad that you were able to settle the balance on your account, jalopygofar! We hope to see you get your service back up and running, too. However, if you've paid the full balance and still are not able to use service, the lines on that account may have been permanently disconnected. It's still possible to get the account reactivated, but it will depend on how long it's been since disconnection occured. I recommend contacting our WinBack team to discuss your options. The number is 800-311-3099. Good luck and thanks!

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