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How to contact executives for help AFTER CS reps fail you.

       Please use this method for issue resolution only after having tried (repeatedly) to get CS to help you. It can take more than one (or even 10) calls to get things fixed when you have a problem with this mega corporation, and it goes without saying that this is the 'norm' for dealing with our overlords theses days and times. I arrived at this point by 'Googling' ''verizonwireless customer complaints''.  There was a link to a site known as Lifehacker and it directed me to another link that showed up in the URL as: verizonwireless.com/aboutus/leadership/area/profiles/  and then you can look for the ''Region President'' for your local area. There is no actual email address, but merely a form to fill in, including a field for comments. and your contact information. I suggest being direct, specific, and mention that you have already tried to use the normal format for resolving issues. I myself, am currently finishing a complaint message, and will request a notification asking to setup a time for any potential conference. These people get paid to make this kind of call, but the rest of us do not.And it is only fair to ask for some kind of time frame that WE can work with. Good luck if you pursue this course, and even though it is time consuming and often laborious, due dilligence is the only way to ever get accountability. 

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