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How to complaint against the store manager


I don’t know who to file a complaint against the store manager, so I have to find someone who’s in charge of Northwest Region.

The incident happen on June 5th, 2015 around 20:00 EDT when I went to the store at Verizon Wireless at 97220 [removed]. I went to Verizon Store to open a business account and transfer one phone number from personal to the new business account. During the conversation I have with a representative there, the store manager named Graham [removed] came out from the backroom begins to interact with me.

The conversation goes:

Graham: What are you doing here? I see you come every day to switch out the phone?

Me: I’m sorry! What?

Graham: If you can’t answer what you’re doing here and why you need to open another account, then I can’t sell you any more phone.

Me: I’m here to see what if I could open a business account and transfer one of my personal line over

Graham: Who are those lines? And why are you transfer the phone over to the new account?

Me: It would be for me, and it is for tax purposes to have my line under the business account.

Graham: If you cannot answer my question then I cannot help you at this location. Your account has been a concern for me, it is suspicious of fraud, and my job is to protect my business.

Me: Your business? Are you protecting your business by treating a customer like this? Are you accusing me of fraud? Look at my account, My bill is $400 plus a month, and I do pay my bill on time. So I don't know how is that consider fraud.

Then Mr. Graham told the representative who was helping me to do AOL, and not selling me any phone.

My concern is why Mr. Graham is pushing the customer away and having an attitude toward the customer (me). More importantly, the conversation was like interrogating and accusing me of fraud. I don't know why it is his concern about what I do with my account (switching number, changing phone) because I pay the phone outright. The worst case is that Mr. Graham is threating to close out my account and tell me not to come back to the store. I'm thinking if he is treating me like this, who else would effect by his attitude?

As a customer, I am requesting to have an answer why Mr. Graham is accusing me of fraud and treated me like a criminal.



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Re: How to complaint against the store manager


A store manager cannot close your account. If there is fraudulent activity there is a specific department for that.

Address your concerns here by certified mail.

Verizon Wireless
ATTN: Correspondence Team

PO Box 5029

Wallingford, CT 06492

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