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How much data do you "Actually" use?

I have a grandfathered Unlimited Data plan and this is the burning question every Verizon Rep spits at me like a Velociraptor whenever I speak to them about upgrading a phone, cancelling service, just ask a question, etc etc.

How much Data do you "ACTUALLY" use a month?

I am wondering if the general public knows how much data they actually use a month. I know how much I average a month, about 10GB according to Verizons account analysis from the last 6 months, but remember, this is an average, not my actual usage a month. 1 month I may only use 4 or 5GB, another month I may use over 20GB.

I can say that my data usage varies according to the TV episodes I'll try to gobble down over Netflix or the many cat videos that troll my youtube. Also affecting, would be my frequency of visits to Facebook and other websites. The many songs that play through my pandora as i'm jogging probably impact my data usage too. I don't "NEED" a ton of data, hell, I don't "NEED" a phone, but I have it and I like to use it carefree without having to budget my data.

How do you use your data?

Visit Verizon's Data Calculator found here ->

According to Verizons Data Calculator, streaming video for one hour a day on 4g will equal = 10GB of data per month.

I have an hour lunch break every day (netflix usually fills up that time for me nicely) and a couple of 15 minute break (little time for some youtube, right?)

I have a drive home filled with some pandora and a sexy gps voice from my verizon phone, i'm getting beside the point, here. let's get back.

I average 10GB of data a month without even trying. It just happens. Sure, i'm on my phone a lot, but I have quite a bit of free time in small bursts. (pandora with your cigarette, sir?) 

My real questions here are.......

Do you use your average monthly Data because that is what your lifestyle average requires?

Is your data limit, the actual limit you need because it is more than you would actually use, or are you only under your limit because you have to be?

Or do you use your data according to your limit because you budget your data?

Maybe you aren't an internet addict and have your phone just to call, text, and occasionally google the nearest Cheesecake Factory.

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Re: How much data do you "Actually" use?


It depends on the month for me too.  Thankfully I still have that unlimited data plan too.   This month is going to be higher in the 5-6 GB range since my landline internet was out for a week and I used my mobile hotspot to get by.  I have gotten up to 8 or 9 GB, but that was due to an application that was using too much data in the background until I figured out the drain.

For other months, it ranges between 2-3 GB.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.


Re: How much data do you "Actually" use?

Líder Sénior

It appears it would be in your best interest to pay full retail for a new phone as that would be cheaper over the life of the phone than paying for the amount of data you use.

To answer your questions, I have my data limit set because that is the actual amount of data I need. I had unlimited data for several years before switching to the Share Everything plan. Not once did I ever come close to even using 1 GB of data. I didn't "need" to be under 1 GB of data, I just didn't use that much data. The same can be said for the other smartphone on my account at the time. That was 2 unlimited data plans at $30 each for a combined monthly data total of normally under 1 GB. I now have 4 smartphones on my plan and our data allowance is 4 GB($70/month vs $120/month if we had 4 separate data plans). We normally use between 1.9 GB/month and 2.2 GB/month.

This amount of data which we use will give us MUCH more than calling, texting and "occasionally googling the nearest Cheesecake Factory".

Of course, everyone's needs are different and it would obviously be much cheaper for you to pay full retail for an upgrade when/if you choose to do so.Smiley Happy


Re: How much data do you "Actually" use?

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I use 600-800 Meg /month out of a 2 Gig plan. I don't stream audio & video except very rarely a youtube or 2 out in the park. I normally use  wi-fi for that stuff. Last month I flipped Mobile Hot Spot on (had to jump to a 4 gig allowance to activate it) and got my data usage with tethering all the way up to 1.1 Gig. So flipped it back off, can't justify $20 expense for 2 Gig I never even approach,  let alone use.