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How is customer service so horrible at Verizon???


I have never been more upset or aggrrevated with a company after dealing with both a local Verizon store and 2 CSR. I had 4 different people employed by Verizon lie to me in the past 5 days!  I am headed tomorrow to check out other phone carriers even though I have been with Verizon for 8 years!!

Short version of my ordeal..... My daughters Iphone just died on Friday and we couldn't get it to reboot or come back on. So Saturday morning we head to the local Verizon Store to see if they can fix the problem. They decide that it cant be fixed and because I have insurance on the phone they are going to order me one and send it to my house. The guy at the store said that because I had insurance that there was free overnight shipping, but with the holidays that my phone should be here no later than Tuesday.... Easy enough I thought the problems was solved..... Well after no phone showed up on Monday or Tuesday I call CSR. I am told by them that they cant see the order if it was placed by a store and that I will have to call the store where the phone was ordered. So I call the store, I am told by an assistant manager that they have no way of finding the order or to see when it will be delivered we sit at home on Christmas Eve waiting on a phone that never arrives. So today I call the local store again because we still have no phone. I get the same assistant manager who I spoke with previously. I explain the situation to her again and she tells me that she has looked at my account and can see that there is a letter in My Verizon that is a confirmation letter, but that she cant see what it says. She tells me that she will order a new phone and worse case scenario is that I end up with 2 phones, but that she cant tell me when either phone will be here. So I ask her why 2 different people told me on Tuesday that there was no way to see if anything had been ordered, but that she stated that she thinks there was a error and that a phone was not ordered on Saturday. She tells me that someone should have been able to see if an order had been placed and she is not sure why someone would tell me different. She must have forgotten that she was the one that I spoke with. So I go into My Verizon and attempt to look at this confirmation letter. Its not there at all. I can see the order that she had placed but nothing about a confirmation letter. So I all CSR again and a nice man tells me he will credit my account 13 dollars. I simply wanted answers at to why the 3 previous people had seemed so incompetent or if they had all just simply lied to me. He stated that he did not know why they had made such an easy process so difficult and advised me to call the local store and see what they say. I call the local store and ask to speak to a manager. I get put on hold for about 15 min when finally I get the same girl I had spoken to the previous 2 times when I called the store. She then inmorms me that she is an assistant manager. I explain my frustration with the whole situation and how I feel that I was lied to / or misinformed by 3 differet people including her. I explain to her that I really just need a phone to replace my daughters phone as she has been without a phone since Friday and Im not sure the purpose of insurance if it is this difficult to get a replacement. She doesn't really have an answer for me. I ask her if there is anyway she can insure the phone will be here tomorrow since it is supposed to be overnight shipping because of the insurance. She tells me that no she isn't sure my phone will arrive tomorrow and that it may be Monday before I get the phone... I explain to her that my daughter has to stay home and watch my youngest son while I work and that she really needs a phone incase something happens. She tells me that my phone should arrive at my house by atleast Monday.... at this point I so frustrated that I thank her for nothing and hang up the phone.

It floors me that I got the run around and had someone checked on Tuesday that they would have realized that maybe a phone had not been ordered and I would have a phone....... Or that they do not have a phone in the store that they could provide to me...... Im sure If I was going to upgrade or spend some money in the store that they would have a phone to provide to me.......In fact when I was in there on Saturday the guy I spoke with told me that I could upgrade on of my lines and walk out of the store with a Iphone 4s, which my daughters phone is a Iphone4r that I could pay 199.00 and get her the new iphone5.... Im sure had I paid something then my daughter would already have a new phone. But since her phone was just a year old and had no problems until it died I saw point in wasting money to pay for the upgrade when I have been paying for insurance on the phone since she got it. .... Hoping to have a phone tomorrow or either a new cell phone carrier!!

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Re: How is customer service so horrible at Verizon???

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You keep using the word insurance. Do you pay extra for insurance from Asurian or is your iPhone being replaced under the manufacturer warranty ? This second option is not insurance so you would have to contact Asurian directly. With this insurance there is a paid premium each month on your cell invoice, you have to pay a deductible to get your replacement device which can run up to $200

Verizon cannot assist you at the store under insurance, only manufacturers warranty and they can give you the phone number and web site address to start your claim process.

In the future get your iPhone insurance through Apple Care, its only $99 for the two years and you just walk into the Apple Store near you and get service.

Good Luck

Re: How is customer service so horrible at Verizon???

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi augirl716- You certainly do deserve clear and accurate information during every interaction! There is no excuse for this experience and I apologize that you have had to deal with so much hassle! Our representatives are well trained and you should always be able to feel confident in the support you receive. May I ask if the phone has arrived at this time? I would be more than happy to offer additional assistance if needed.


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