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How do I delete game subscriptions?


On my MyVerizon page it gives a list of subscriptions for games that I thought I had deleted, and I know I no longer have on my phone.   Next to the names of the games it says "Status: Active" and I wanted to know how I can delete them off my phone so I am no longer being charged for them.  This is a screen shot of what it shows on the site incase I didnt describe it well enough



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Re: How do I delete game subscriptions?

I'm not sure if there's another means of doing this if you've already deleted the games from the phone, so I'll just give you a definitely answer by telling you to call Customer Service. Customer Service has access to a list of all active subscriptions, and they can halt them with literally a few clicks of a mouse. The only thing to keep in mind, however, is that you may still see them on your bill if they've already billed again for the new bill cycle.
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