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How can I improve the service I have at my home?


For many years, we have had no reception inside our house or in front or backyard. We have to walk down the street. Since we are now reliant on reception and not "possible" reception or "no" reception at home and after reading all of the unsatisfied customers and results in these discussion areas, we are considering switching providers as we know our neighbors phones work inside our home (a different provider). From what I read, it looks like Verizon is not real effective in solving this nor do i want to spend time on the phone (can't do it anyway) with a tech. Any recommendations here? Thanks from a longtime (15+ years) Verizon customer.  

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Re: How can I improve the service I have at my home?

Community Manager
Community Manager

VZW appreciates your 15 years of loyalty. The last thing VZW want is for you to leave the team. I'll be more than happy to assist with troubleshooting. It is important to note that all cellular providers cannot guarantee coverage indoors as many factors outside of Verizon’s control can contribute to indoor performance as we recommend Wi-Fi to improve an indoor experience. What make and model device do you have? Do you have Wi-Fi available? Provide us with specific details about your experience with the VZW network.


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