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Horrible service with my new order


Wow.  I have had Verizon wireless for many years.  I have always told my friends that Verizon offered wonderful customer service.  I would hear horror stories about their service with AT&T and I would tell them to switch.  Unfortunately, Verizon has now given me my own horror story. 

I placed a new order on line on the 11th of Nov., 2013 and the order never shipped.  I had to call them and find out why.  They said they were sorry but there was some error on the order and they had no idea what the error was????? They cancelled that order and placed a new order for me. Barbara, the Customer Service agent took care of the order, checked with a Supervisor and assured me they would overnight the phone to me.  Problem solved.  Nope!!!

Again, the phone did not ship.  I called the next day.  They said the phone is shipping today.  The day I was suppose to receive the phone.  Now it is Friday and I went right to a supervisor this time.  He assured me once the phone got to Fed Ex he would personally call Fed Ex and have the phone switched to Saturday delivery.  Well, guess what, THE SUPERVISOR did not follow through.  I get an email stating I will receive my phone on Tuesday of the following week.  The day after I am suppose to be on a business trip with that phone. 

Yes, I call again and this time I am told there is no supervisor on duty at the time.  He would send a message and have them call me the next day.  The Saturday that I am suppose to be getting my phone. 

It is Saturday.  No phone.  No emails confirming the switch in delivery.  Wow, what has happened to the Verizon I used to know.  I have spend hours on this what should have been a simple order and no one at Verizon seems to care about their customers and the horrible service they are receiving.

I have not even received an e-mail confirming my new order of the phone.  I am so disappointed in Verizon!!!!!!!

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Re: Horrible service with my new order


Did anyone ever help you?