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Horrible experience - why Verizon is no longer a premium service provider.


I have been a Verizon customer for the better part of 10 years, only recently returning from a 2 year hiatus where I had no cell phone at all. They used to be the premium service provider in my eyes, which is why I went with Verizon again. So, I purchased a new Samsung Note 5 last month with some accessories from a corporate store in Arizona.

Issue #1: Customer service confirmed that Samsung was currently doing a promotion to receive a free cordless charger. This was only partially true. The original promotion dates did include my purchase date, but the promotion was closed early. However, had I waited another few days for the S7, which I did inquire about, I would have received a much better promotion. In retrospect it was clear the salesman would tell me anything to make the sale that day, even confirm a promotion that he had incorrect information on. Then, also dismiss the possibility of a future promotion.

Issue #2: No headphones are provided with the Note 5. I only learned this after I was looking in the box at home later that evening. This is a top of the line phone, yet Verizon chose to not include headphones. Other service providers include headphones with the same exact phone.

Issue #3 - The major one: I purchased a Zagg screen protector which was installed by the salesman. I never asked him to, he just did it. The problem was that there was dirt underneath the corner. Today I returned to the store to seek a solution from a "solution manager." He said it was only out of courtesy that screen protectors are installed, and that they would be unable to provide support in any way for the quality of their installation work. This is a questionable business practice on a company level, but on an individual level, the solution manager proceeded to insult my intellect and skill. He told me that with a screen so large there is no way to install a screen protector without problems. Really? I replied. So I asked him to please explain how I was able to put a screen protector my mother's Note 4 here without any dirt or bubbles. I show him her phone. He inspects it and tells me I can be certain that dirt come up under one of the corners, because apparently I did a poor job applying it. Quite insulting. Finally he told me to break the screen by removing it, so I could then contact Zagg for a warranty claim. Unbelievable! My Mother and I were both completely astonished by the lack of professionalism of this representative.

Bottom line: I used to associate the Verizon brand with quality based on my previous experience. But it is clear that this is not the Verizon I remember dealing with 5-10 years ago. I am utterly disappointed and even shocked at how poorly I have been treated.

I feel nickel and dimed, cheated and lied to, and then dismissed by Verizon in general, and customer service specifically, on a very expensive purchase. It pains me to have to take the time to craft a negative letter, but in this case I feel it is completely warranted.

Verizon really needs to step up and do the right thing for its customers!

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Re: Horrible experience - why Verizon is no longer a premium service provider.


IF you are within the 14 day return period take everything back and move to another carrier. Problem solved.


Re: Horrible experience - why Verizon is no longer a premium service provider.

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Issue #1:no one has time machine and when it be launch how V going to know?

Issue #2: V don't make phone if Samsung don't wana to sell that with headphone to V then ask Samsung.

Issue #3 - The major one: next time you can buy and try yourself .they did as courtesy.

Bottom line: if you are unhappy then follow person reply.