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Horrible Customer Service at Merrillville, Indiana Location


I was in the Verizon store yesterday, June 12th, 2014. I went in with my mother to help her get an upgrade on her smartphone. If you don't know already, Verizon was having a "father's day sale" were an upgrade is $99.99 instead of $199.99. Well my family has had a tragic year. My father was diagnosed with pancreatic, which has been very mentally and finically stressful on our family. So needless to say, when my family found out that we could save a little money on our phones, we tried to jump at the deal. When we went there a sales rep. named Brittany was assigned to us. Our bill was passed due, and she told us that unless we payed that bill, we couldn't get an upgrade. My parents actually had the check written out and put it in the mail. The sales rep. was really rude and didn't even say sorry for the inconvenience. She wanted nothing to do with us after she saw that our bill was passed due. It was almost like we were dirt on the bottom of her feet because our bill was a few days passed due. She pretty much told us oh well that's not her problem, and walked away from us. I thought her behavior was very rude, so when I'm treated rudely, I treat them the same way. I made some sarcastic remarks back to her, then she went to tell the manager that she didn't feel comfortable dealing with us anymore. The manager named Tunde Adubifa then came up and told us how unprofessional we were being and telling me that I should apologize and feel bad for what I said. One, I'm 23 years old, I don't need people telling me how I should behave or feel. Second, he didn't even ask what his sale rep. said or how she acted. He just assumed that I was the one who started it. He had some nerve making those assumptions and for how he dealt with the situation. Both the sales rep and "floating" manager  were extremely rude to us.  Needless to say, if you want good customer do not visit this Verizon store. I'm extremely disappointed in those people who represent the face of Verizon. We ended up going to a different store, where we were able to get what we wanted and ended up with a very nice and apologetic sales rep. My message to Verizon, is find more compassionate and caring sales reps. and find more intellectual managers instead of hiring the the low-life, uneducated people they have in place.

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